NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg


This Conference is an outgrowth of a doctoral Law and Policy Workshop in which students analyzed strengths and weaknesses in the vision, structures, and programs of the New York City Dept. of Education under Mayor Bloomberg in order to formulate recommendations for the next Mayor and the Legislature.  I am grateful to the many practitioners and policy-makers from inside and outside the DOE who shared their experiences and recommendations to enhance students’ understanding of policy arguments and counter-arguments.

It is now the turn of our distinguished keynote speaker, panelists, and audience to participate in this venture, addressing DOE (1) governance/operational structures such as the roles of the PEP, support networks, and partnership organizations; (2) accountability based on school and teacher evaluation systems; (3) strategies to improve student performance and close achievement gaps; and (4) parent and community engagement.

Prof. David C. Bloomfield

Prof. David C. Bloomfield

We hope the appended student-authored proposals and this Conference will provide fruitful recommendations to improve public education in New York.

Prof. David C. Bloomfield
Brooklyn College, CUNY
Urban Education Ph.D. Program
The Graduate Center, CUNY
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